ALERT – Conservative Lobbyist Training Available!

If you want to get involved in the political process and shaping legislation, this is your chance! Please contact Julianne Thompson at: or 404-798-4663. She will need an accurate count so that everyone who attends will have a lunch.


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Forsyth County Tea Party Officers for 2015

Stepping Up to the Plate-smaller

The Tea Party opened nominations for a new slate of officers in September. During this time we did not receive more than one qualified candidate for any position. Due to this fact, we move that those who stepped forward to take on those responsibilities automatically assume the office for which they have applied, barring any objections from voting-eligible members of the Forsyth County Tea Party.

** Thanks to all those who “stepped up to the plate.” **

Below are the résumés for those who have qualified for the leadership positions of Chairman, 1st Vice Chair, and Treasurer.



Ballot Box


We are now in the process of nominating and electing Forsyth County Tea Party Officers for 2015. If you are interested in serving, please submit a document with your name, a short bio (one or two paragraphs) which includes a brief description of your history with the Tea Party movement and any other political causes. You should also include the reason(s) you are seeking the position.

Leadership positions are as follows:

• Chairman
• 1st Vice Chair
• 2nd Vice Chair
• Treasurer
• Secretary

You will need to be a paid, voting-eligible Forsyth Tea Party member in order to run for a leadership position. The deadline for this submission is Sunday, October 19, 2014 in order to have candidate information ready for our members for the October 2014 meeting on Monday the 20th.

The new officers will be announced at our November monthly meeting on Monday, November, 17, 2014.

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Thank You!
The Forsyth County Tea Party

Election Day is Tuesday, November 4, 2014!

Register to VoteYou can’t make your vote count if you aren’t eligible to vote. Don’t be disappointed when the polls open, make sure that you, and your friends and family, are registered to vote, and that the registration is up to date.

In April of this year, the Georgia Secretary of State’s office introduced a new online voter registration system called OLVR. While traditional voter registration is still available, this gives prospective voters an opportunity to register beyond the traditional county Registrar’s Office, or by snail mail. You can also register and find out other important voter information with the new app called GA Vote, which is available at the iTunes App Store.

Time is growing short; the deadline to register in order to be eligible to vote in the 2014 Election, no matter what method you choose, is Monday, October 6, 2014.

*** Don’t forget about Advance Voting! If you can’t get to the polls on Election Day, or you just want to avoid the Election Day scene, then Advance Voting is for you. Your county Registrar’s Office has all the information. You can also exercise the option to vote absentee. Absentee ballot applications can be found here –> ***


What and who are the Tea Party? What is their motivation? How did it get started? Why would the establishments of both major political parties be happy to see them go away?

Watch “Intolerable!” and find out.


Forsyth County Tea Party Primary Election Straw Poll

The Forsyth County Tea Party has conducted a straw poll for its voting eligible members prior to the upcoming Primary Election. In the interest of brevity, we selected only a few of the many candidates and questions that are on the primary ballot and have opted to include the most contested and discussed state offices of this primary season.

Below are the results, in percentages, of the FCTP Primary Election Straw Poll.

Spring is Here and So are the Events


TAX DAY RALLY – Lanier Tea Party Patriots – April 12th – Gainesville, GA

TAX DAY RALLY - Lanier Tea Party Patriots - April 12th - Gainesville, GA

TAX DAY RALLY – Forsyth County Tea Party Patriots Alliance

Forsyth County Courthouse

Photo courtesy of Forsyth County Tea Party Patriots Alliance –

Time: 5:30pm – 8:30pm
Assemble in front of the Forsyth County Courthouse (100 Courthouse Sq., Cumming, GA 30040) & rally around Courthouse Square between 5:30-6:00pm – bring a sign & let your voices be heard.

6:00 pm – Presentation of the flag, Pledge of Allegiance, Nation Anthem, Invocation.

6:20 pm – Emcees Brad Wilkins & Dwight Roberts:

6:21 pm – Gubernatorial Candidate – David Pennington
Topic: Wasteful Government Spending

6:40 pm – Ga. House District 26 Candidate – Tom Knox
Topic: Eliminating the 16th & 17th Amendments

7:00 pm – U.S. Senate Candidate – Derrick Grayson
Topic: Tax Replacements, Fair Tax vs. Flat Tax v. VAT tax, etc.


Thursday, April 17th 7:00 pm – GA House District 26, (Geoff Duncan, Tom Knox); Central Park Recreation Center*

Monday, April 21st – 6:30 pm to 7:45 pm – School Board District 1 (Ann Crow, Amanda Nixon, Mark Weiss); Solicitor General; 7:50 pm to 9:05 pm ( Susan Zereini, Bill Finch): Forsyth County Administration Building**

Thursday, April 24th – 6:30 pm – State School Superintendent TBD / Bond Referendum: Forsyth County Administration Building**

Monday, April 28th – 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm – GA House District 24 (Mark Hamilton vs. Sheri Gilligan); and GA Senate 7:35 pm to 9:00 pm ( Jack Schiff, Michael Williams, Lauren McDonald III): Forsyth County Administration Building**

*[2300 Keith Bridge Road, Cumming]

**[110 East Main St., Cumming, GA 30040]


Please join us for our monthly meeting on Tuesday, April 22nd, from 6:30pm until 8:00pm at the building that houses the Forsyth County Senior Center (595 Dahlonega St., Cumming, GA). Our guest speakers this month will be Georgia State School Superintendent Candidate, Ashley Bell; and Forsyth County School Superintendent, Buster Evans.

***URGENT BREAKING NEWS*** – Stop Common Core – We Can NO LONGER Support SB 167

Breaking News

The Georgia House Substitute for SB 167 has been so watered down that it’s Senate sponsor, Sen. William Ligon can no longer support the bill. It is NOT the same bill that it started out to be and in fact will do harm to the cause of getting our state out of the Common Core State Standards.

Please check out this link for more information:

We will need to contact (or re-contact) members of the Education Committee —> — and our own Reps.

We’re sorry to ask so many folks to do this again, but those who are behind to push for Common Core are determined to see to it that it is deeply imbedded within our educational systems — so much so, that it will be nearly impossible to remove.

Also there will be a telephone conference call tonight at 8:00pm — the Conference Dial-in number is: (530) 881-1000 and the Participant Access Code is: 632867# — Please join in if you can!

Crossover Monday

Georgia State CapitolMonday, March 3, 2014 is not just another Monday — it’s “Crossover Day” down at the Georgia General Assembly. “Crossover Day” is so-called because it is the last day that a bill can be passed by its originating chamber in order to cross over to the other chamber for possible passage. This is the final step needed to complete the legislative process, prior to signing (or veto) by the Governor. It traditionally takes place on the 30th day of the 40 day legislative session of the Georgia General Assembly.

One bill that we thought would be of great interest to our members is HB 707. HB 707, The Georgia Health Care Freedom and ACA Noncompliance Act, is a bill that seeks to prohibit the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (aka –Obamacare) by any local municipality, State Agency or Political subdivision of the State of GA. This bill has passed out of committee and will be introduced to the house floor on Monday, March 3rd. Please call your House Rep and State Senator to let them know that you’re interested in the passage of this bill. has provided a great link to help you get started:;jsessionid=68511DE695E1E51DCA46115314473956.app321b?alertId=1333&pg=makeACall&autologin=true?source

Another bill that may be of interest to our members is SB 167. The purpose of SB 167 is to start rolling back some of the changes that have taken place in curriculum and testing in public schools in Georgia, and throughout the United States, since the acceptance and implementation of the Common Core State Standards. The Georgia Chapter of the group Concerned Women for America, under the leadership of career educator Tanya Ditty, has been among the tireless warriors in the fight to stop Common Core in our state. We and they experienced a partial victory on Tuesday, February 25, 2014, when the Georgia State Senate passed SB 167 by a vote of 34-16. We now need to contact our respective Georgia State House Reps to encourage them to stand with the State Senate, the people, the teachers and students of Georgia by voting yes on the bill and the amendments approved by the bill’s sponsor, Senator William Ligon. The following is some information on just what SB 167 will do for students, parents, and teachers in Georgia’s schools:

More information regarding SB 167 —