In Memory

Reva Jennings - Photo courtesy of Jason Thompson

Reva Jennings – Photo courtesy of Jason Thompson


The Forsyth County Tea Party is profoundly saddened to hear the news of the passing of Reva Jennings. We are humbled to have had Reva among our friends. Her loss will be keenly felt, especially this week at our annual Christmas Party, which she regularly attended. She was always very generous to the charities that we support at this important holiday event.

We offer our deepest condolences to her family and her very, very many friends.


We will now have our monthly meetings at the Forsyth County Senior Center located off of Dahlonega street at 595 Dahlonega St. Cumming, GA 30040

Our meetings will still be the same time, from 6:30pm until 8:00pm, on the third Tuesday of the month. Join us for fellowship and the meeting.


Now that Summer is over it’s time to get back to our mission of holding our elected officials accountable! Don’t miss our next meeting with guest speaker, James Quarles of Heritage Action.

Sentinel Logo courtesy of

Sentinel Logo courtesy of

Heritage Action takes the conservative policy visions outlined by their sister organization, The Heritage Foundation, and makes them a reality. It is also the organizing force behind the Heritage Action Sentinels, which is a group of committed conservatives doing the hard work of Congressional accountability. Heritage Action supplies the support, materials, strategy sessions, and other exclusive assistance and events. The Sentinel Program is open to all conservatives who wish to find ways to take meaningful action.


For more information please click the link below:


ALERT – Conservative Lobbyist Training Available!

If you want to get involved in the political process and shaping legislation, this is your chance! Please contact Julianne Thompson at: or 404-798-4663. She will need an accurate count so that everyone who attends will have a lunch.


Download the PDF file .

New Year – New Meeting Night

Happy-New-YearStarting in January 2015, the Forsyth County Tea Party will be meeting on the third TUESDAY of the month, instead of the third MONDAY. This month our meeting will take place on Tuesday, January 20, 2015.  Our presentation this month is: “Education Hot Topics for 2015: Common Core and way beyond.”

We’ll still be meeting during the same time-frame of 6:30pm until 8:00pm, and at the same location, 595 Dahlonega St. in Cumming (next to the Forsyth County Public Library).

Forsyth County Tea Party Officers for 2015

Stepping Up to the Plate-smaller

The Tea Party opened nominations for a new slate of officers in September. During this time we did not receive more than one qualified candidate for any position. Due to this fact, we move that those who stepped forward to take on those responsibilities automatically assume the office for which they have applied, barring any objections from voting-eligible members of the Forsyth County Tea Party.

** Thanks to all those who “stepped up to the plate.” **

Below are the résumés for those who have qualified for the leadership positions of Chairman, 1st Vice Chair, and Treasurer.


$200 Million Forsyth County Transportation Bond – A Bad Deal for Forsyth County Taxpayers

trans bond front-1

trans bond back-1


Recently, many residents of Forsyth County have received a mailer concerning the $200 million Forsyth County Transportation Bond. The giant glossy postcard begins by claiming that we “…can keep our money in Forsyth and begin road projects as soon as next year.” That sounds good, right? But what are the facts behind the slick marketing campaign? Are impressive graphics, “happy talk,” a $200 million debt enough to solve the traffic problems of Forsyth County? Every time citizens approve a bond referendum, they are signing a blank check and trusting the government to do the right thing.

The mailer states that, “Unless we pass the Forsyth Transportation Bond, our money will be given to Atlanta and other parts of the state instead of invested locally to address our traffic congestion that continues to gridlock our community.” In addition, there is a bullet point that states, “Funds Matched Dollar-For-Dollar.” These are, perhaps, the most egregiously disingenuous statements of all. The fact of the matter is that the tax money from Forsyth County IS ALREADY being given to fund road projects in Atlanta and other parts of the state. The bottom line is that if this bond passes, we will be taxed twice and to add insult on top of injury, we will probably have to raise taxes to cover the cost.

In addition, while there is the promise that funds will be matched with state and federal dollars, this is NOT a guarantee — and let’s not forget that these are dollars which we are already owed because they have been collected previously in fuel and other transportation taxes. The citizens will be obligated to a bond that will cost us $200 million, while the state and the federal governments might contribute $93 million; an amount that does not meet the “dollar-for-dollar” standard that is touted in by the authors of the mailer. (Perhaps they’re using Common Core math.) In fact, several years ago, Forsyth County signed a contract with the state of Georgia in which the state “guaranteed” state funds. It remains an unfulfilled promise reminiscent of, “…if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

The county government WILL NOT be obligated to complete the projects listed on the mailer – a veritable “wish list” of road projects for anyone who has to deal with a daily commute from Forsyth County. The implication is that if this bond is passed, the projects will be completed immediately without a multiple year wait – “…next year [yes, bolded on the flyer], instead of the 10-20 year timeline.” It is a “siren song” that is meant to tempt the voters and convince them that they can have their wish today – instant gratification without any cost. It has been difficult, however, to get the Commissioners to commit to any of the listed projects for certain. They will only say that they are “a priority.” The only thing this bond WILL do, for certain, is create a major debt obligation on the citizens of Forsyth County; and if the revenues to cover the bonds do not come in, then the government has the unlimited authority to raise taxes to meet the bond obligation.

Write the editors of our local publications and tell everyone you know, this is NOT a good deal for the taxpayers of Forsyth County! Time is short and we must vote against increasing our debt burden with NO guarantee of results or accountability should those results fail to materialize.